ECO is a unique place to work. Every individual is working toward our mission of connecting students to nature. We value our team, and trust one another to get our individual jobs done in working toward a greater good. The nature of our programming allows for some flexibility in work hours and locations - while we enjoy our time together as a team in the office, we recognize that sometimes the most effective work happens elsewhere. We value learning, and provide opportunities for our team to grow professionally through new skills training, conferences, and mentoring. Staff and board respect each other's commitment to organizational success. At ECO, we are all working for the good of the organization and the good of the communities we serve.

Vision for ECO

From our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan: Creating a more diverse, inclusive and equitable organization means that our staff, board, volunteers, supporters, and students will be more diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and income; and each participant will feel valued for the contribution they make to the organization. Students in ECO programs will include individuals of diverse races and ethnicities. Our day-to-day workplace will include sharing of cultures, food and ideas and coming together of our team. We will have stronger, two-way relationships with our community partners. 


We are not currently hiring. Stay tuned!