Building our Community

One of the more special things about Portland, I think, is that even though we're a fairly big city - especially when you include our suburbs - there's still something about Portland that's "small town". Maybe it's because we really like to support our local businesses, or the fact that if I don't know you directly, chances are good that we know someone in common. Maybe it's because we're more interested in cooperation than competition.

There's a new little company coming up in Portland, Small Apparel. And they seem to embody this same Portland small town ethic. Small Apparel designs clothing for infants and young people, and they reached out to ECO early this year because they want to offer 25% of their sales for an entire quarter to local nonprofits. They want to work with us, and we're thrilled. 

This new business model that Small Apparel is pursuing - to donate a significant amount of sales to charity - is exciting, bold, and worth your support! In order to make it happen, they have to alter their business model - they have to invest in an inventory - and they're looking for investors through Kickstarter

We love to see Portland succeed. Community, cooperation, and support for local business that will turn around and invest in our community - what's more Portland than that?