Connecting Our Kids to Nature: Getting the Word Out!

This September, if you tune in to XRAY.FM (91.1 FM), you just might hear this...

We get pretty excited about publicity like this ... not because we like to toot our own horn, but because we know that when more people know about ECO, more kids benefit from hands-on nature programming.

How so? Well, ECO ecology programs are terrific. 99% of kids want to see us back year after year. ECO programs help teachers meet required educational standards and connect kids to their ecological and social communities. It's honestly pretty rad.

When folks learn about ECO, they start asking questions like, "How can I bring ECO to my school?" and "How can I support what you're doing?" These questions ultimately result in getting more experiential nature programming into our schools. And that pumps us up! 

As we move into the final months of 2016, we hope you'll be hearing more about ECO in other places, too.

Let us know if you can help us spread the word about ECO programs and opportunities for individuals or companies to support this important work!

PS: Thank you XRAY.FM for inviting ECO and many other fantastic Portland nonprofits to record PSAs. We appreciate what you do for our community!