Earth Day, 2017

Image by a 4th grade ECO student, 2016.

Image by a 4th grade ECO student, 2016.

Earth Day is a chance for all of us to recognize how important nature is and to recommit ourselves to advocating, respecting, and enhancing the natural world.

This April 22, two of ECO's most important sponsors, Townshend's Tea Company and Moberi Blends are affirming their love for nature and belief in ECO programs by making significant donations to ECO on Earth Day.

Moberi will be donating 100% of their profits on April 22nd to ECO. How can you help? Go get yourself a healthy smoothie, or a delicious acai bowl!

On April 21-22, Townshend's Tea Company will offer all customers a 10% discount on online items... and then donate 20% of profits online sales to ECO! Plus, on April 22, they'll contribute an additional 10% of sales from Oregon teahouses. How can you help? It's time to restock your tea collection!

We're so grateful to have such generous partners! We hope you get the opportunity to visit Moberi and Townshend's on Earth Day and support ECO as you enjoy delicious smoothies and restock your tea cupboard.