In giving to ECO, you are planting a seed.

When children grow up with an understanding and love for nature, they become adults who value clean air, soil and water; who vote for the environment; who consider it their responsibility to care for the health of our world.

When we all work together to connect kids to nature now, we create a stronger future for our planet, for ourselves, and the generations to come. Building students' relationship with nature now is critical because it’s these same kids who will grow up to become our environmental stewards, advocates, and leaders.

This year I'd like to:

Gold $2500

$100 provides a hands-on ecology lesson for 10 students.

Silver $1500

$250 gets 25 students outdoors during their school day exploring how nature works in their schoolyard and neighborhood.

Bronze $500

$500 empowers a classroom of students to make positive changes in their social and ecological community through service-learning


Thank you so much for your generous gift. Every contribution builds the relationship between students and nature! A win for all!