All ECO lessons and activities are inquiry-based and provide students the opportunity to study local biology, geology and botany. Schedules are flexible and are tailored to the needs and resources of each school.


Our Lessons

Two ECO Educators take over a class for 30-45 minutes with indoor lessons and outdoor adventures. Topics include watersheds, restoration, food webs, animal adaptation, native plants and wildlife. All lessons are aligned with state educational standards.

See us in action on KGW!


Service Learning

 Students take part in service learning projects to combine academic work with meaningful service. Our classes have taken part in wetland and stream restoration, invasive plant removal, native plantings, creating rain gardens and building outdoor classrooms. These projects are driven by student work and enthusiasm.

Program Funding

Funding is provided by those who support the well-rounded development of children and improved environmental awareness in local youth: Parent Teacher Associations, community sponsors, local foundations and people like you!

Just $25 will cover the cost of a field trip for a single student. Thank you for supporting our kids and community!  


ECO is a great way to teach science with hands-on fun activities. The ECO teachers make every attempt and succeed in matching lessons with curriculum and also standards! What an amazing help for teachers and learning for students!
— Teacher, Seth Lewelling Elementary School