ECO inspires elementary school students to connect to our natural world by providing hands-on ecology enrichment programs. 

who we serve

We deliver hands-on ecology lessons to several Portland area elementary schools. Time and time again we hear from both teachers and students that ECO is the best part of school!

We are ECO

We encourage students to become independent problem solvers who will be motivated to take an active role in our communities as they grow to become adult decision makers and informed citizens. 

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ECO programs are a unique way to connect elementary school students to the world around them at a time when asking questions and investigating their surroundings comes naturally.

ECO worked with our school in developing and coordinating lessons that focused on students meeting science standards established by the state of Oregon. Our students were engaged, on task, learning and enjoying themselves... The classroom learning became a real life understanding of science and how to make personal applications of what they learned. This is a great program!”
— Joel Stuart, Executive Director of Elementary Programs for North Clackamas School District

We love our partners!

Our services pair well with the missions of many other local nonprofit, governmental, and business organizations. We love building new partnerships to meet the the needs of each individual school. 


ECO and Depave support each other’s projects at Lent Elementary. This summer, Depave will remove excess asphalt from the school’s playground to install an outdoor amphitheater. ECO is supporting this work by teaching students about watersheds, and healthy ecosystems.

ECO is working with the Dharma Rain Zen Center and students from East Portland to improve the habitat of Siskiyou Square. Siskiyou Square is a former brownfield located off NE 82nd Ave, which the Dharma Rain Zen Center is transforming into a community space.

Friends of Outdoor School and ECO share a vision of a future where students are connected to nature. ECO and Friends of Outdoor School support each other’s efforts through communications, publicity and advocacy.

“It’s important to study ecology so that we can help take care of the world. Because even though we’re children, we can still change the world.”
— Marysville 4th/5th Grader

ECO is working with Friends of Trees to plant native species during student’s field trips to Siskiyou Square in NE Portland. While half of the class plants with Friends of Trees, the other half of the class explores the natural ecology of the field site with ECO Educators.

ECO and Growing Gardens support each other’s projects at Lent Elementary. Growing Gardens plays an integral role in the garden education of Lent students and the Lent community. ECO facilitates students’ efforts in the garden to create native plant zones, pollinator gardens, and a rain garden.

LSHRP, Portland Parks, and ECO are bringing real world service learning opportunities to the students of Lent Grade School and Kelly Elementary in SE Portland. ECO is providing lessons at the schools, and Portland Parks and LSHRP are facilitating multiple habitat restoration field trips along the Springwater Corridor.

We are partnering with geography professor, Jason Pinkerton, to enhance Corbett students’ understanding of maps and mapping tools. MHCC students will assist Corbett students in creating an interpretive map of the Outdoor Classroom & Native Habitat thatCorbett students have been creating on their school grounds for the past three years.

Our partnership with PCAS is providing an integrated art and ecology program at Seth Lewelling and Bilquist elementary schools in the North Clackamas School District.

PMSP is the regional hub for STEM education in the Metro area. With their guidance and support, ECO is working closely with teachers at Kelly Elementary to provide a holistic science curriculum that aligns with Next Generation Science Standards.

A huge thanks to our funders & supporters!