Our Education Model

Our education model is cumulative and grows with students from
K-12th grade. Our multi-tiered, instructional approach starts with hands-on lessons we deliver in the classroom and out in the field, culminating in outdoor service-learning projects to deepen the educational experience and strengthen communities. 

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Welcome Green Schoolhouse!

Lauren with Green Schoolhouse has brought her 10 years of program expertise and her all-day, outdoor summer camps under ECO’s roof. Now, K-6th grade students can enjoy hands-on ecology year round!


Change is afoot…

ECO has grown so fast in the last handful of months! We’re excited to announce we’re actively expanding our geographic reach south to Eugene, west to the central coast, and adding more programming in Portland. We’ve also grown to include all grade levels, K-12, added after school and summer camps.

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I see students taking more ownership of their environment after ECO lessons. Students begin thinking of our community, our ecosystem, and our planet differently. They begin asking deeper questions and express a deeper understanding of how humans have a responsibility to care for our environment.
— Kelly Elementary School teacher